December 8, 2014

DD #111 - After School

Once I realized teaching was what I was meant to do, I knew I could benefit from experience in the school setting. Not willing to give up my zoo job, I successfully obtained a job with the Wisconsin Youth Company working at After School, a daycare setting in schools throughout Waukesha County. During college, I volunteered at the Madison affiliate if this company as part of a class requirement. My After School career began at Poplar Creek Elementary where I switched off with the younger kids and older ones. As I was expected to plan and implement activities, I got the taste of lesson planning. I loved my time at Poplar Creek, but was excited for my new position in the second half of the year. My boss asked me to be the lead floater, meaning I would be a substitute at any of the schools. I remember waking up pre-5AM to open up Cushing Elementary. I miss the circular-shaped Glen Park. I recollect the mirror images of the elementary schools in Wales and Dousman.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with the students and staff at After School and am grateful for the experience that helped me on the road to teaching.

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