December 3, 2014

Discovering Dargatz#110 - Another Day, Another @$$h&!e

There was uncertainty when my father was in the hospital. With my sister having developmental disabilities, my family stepped up to support her. Though she's independent in her daily life activities, she needs support and supervision to be successful. Unfortunately, routine and habits are at the core of her behaviors, and any disruptions to her expectations can cause behavioral eruptions that include tantrums, threats, and every curse word in the book. When it was decided that my dad would stay with me to recover after leaving the hospital, our hand was forced and we needed to  make decisions about Kery's immediate and distant future. We worked out a coverage schedule that included different family members coming and staying with her.  Whether it was my older sister, my uncle, my wife, or myself, each and every day when Kery would come home from work, someone was there. Most of the time, we cleaned, watched TV, and hung out as Kery did her daily rituals as if no one was even there. One night, she opened the door, looked at me and muttered, "Another day, another @$$h&!e."  I didn't take it personally. It was Kery's special little way of showing her appreciation.

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