December 2, 2014

DD #109 - Sledding Fun???

I remember specifically telling my buddies it was a stupid idea.  I'm surprised I  remembered anything at all. In our early twenties, some friends and I wanted to re-live our childhood one snowy evening and headed to Curry Park for some  sledding. We had to stop and buy some sleds. Because of our frugal nature, we purchased cheap plastic ones. Of course, after arriving at our downhill destination and seeing how we got what we paid for, we wanted to up the ante. We noticed a family that had an inflatable tube they weren't using, so we borrowed it.  The fun ended almost as quickly as it began. I successfully went over a man-made ramp, but wanted more.  With encouragement of my friends and the propensity to cave into peer pressure, I went for it a second time.  This time, I sprinted towards the ramp, flopping down on the tube mere feet from the ramp. My friends still are amazed at the supposed heights I reached. Unfortunately, my landing isn't as strong as my flying and I landed face first, knocking myself out, pushing back a tooth, and breaking my collarbone. Bloodied and confused, they took me to the hospital. 

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