December 18, 2014

DD #113 - A Day to Forget

I was elated! I had a successful interview and the job was mine if I wanted it. All I had to do was job shadow an employee. It was sports marketing.  The chance to work with professional sports organizations was at my fingertips. I walked in confidently. I walked out wounded. I was blindsided that my chance to work with sports teams was really a door-to-door sales job pitching coupon books with some proceeds supporting a wheelchair basketball team. I made it through half a day walking through suburban neighborhoods enduring rejection after rejection before giving up and going home. Sadly, I had already made plans to "celebrate" my new career opportunity with some friends and drinks that chilly October evening. Though I was in no mood to celebrate, I knew a night out was what I needed.  Sadly, the jerk who busted out my windows needed practically everything out of my car besides the steering column. Without the ability to turn on the heat and with frigid air chilling our bones until we got home, I knew baseball watching could cheer me up. That is, until Aaron Boone hit a walkoff homerun for the hated Yankees. This was definitely a day to forget.

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