December 22, 2014

DD #114 - 104th & Bluemound

Living across the street from work with some good friends was one of the best times of my life. The memories go on and on. Swedish Fish fights. Our Greek landlords and their epic parties. Movie tournaments. Car and sledding accidents. Walks to Milio's and I Can't Believe It's Yogurt. Fish tank adventures. Drives to Fudd's or B-Dubs. Video game battles that occasionally involved VHS tosses and torn t-shirts. Zoo parties. Adopting and saving Ozzie. Wrestling pay per views. The green chair. Figuring out a chore schedule and witnessing each roommate's own interpretation of said schedule. The computer room. Police showdowns next door. The Zoo flag. Regardless of the memory, what is most lasting is the bond I shared with two of my best friends. Through trials and tribulations, like girl issues, zoo drama, washing machine fiascos, and the general complaints that come with living in close proximity to others, we worked it all out and each enjoyed our time together. Though our time had come for each of us to go our separate ways, those years together really helped strengthen our friendships together and gave us memories that will last a lifetime. I will always love 104th and Bluemound.

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