May 19, 2015

A Readers Review

It has been a bit trickier to get consistent reading time lately, as I am spending as much time as I can getting end of the school year plans in order and playing with my daughter. Luckily, she loves to be outside, so I have taken advantage and tried to to read as much as I can while enjoying the outdoors though most of my reading still comes after she is passed out for the evening.

Either way, book 10 is now complete and as is the case lately, this  book helped me solidify and improve my understanding and enjoyment of early childhood education. This book focused on play, something I am seeing is getting harder and harder to implement in my classroom. Whether it is because of assessments or curricular demands, plain old playing is hard to fit in and almost makes me feel "guilty" as it may appear as lazy or easy for passersby. That guilt went away as soon as I read this book. In fact, my last few books have really helped me strengthen my love of play and the need it has in the classroom.

The author emphasized a balance of work, love, and play and offered suggestions to incorporate this trinity into parenting and teaching.  I look forward to doing both.

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