May 2, 2015

A Readers Review

2015's 9th book hit home. As Wisconsin's weather takes a turn for the better, I am getting outside much more often. Outside with my daughter. Outside with my wife. Outside with my students. This book wasn't on my constantly growing list of books to read until recently, but based on my mindset lately, I couldn't push it back any further and needed to read it right away.

This book described how children are deprived of personal interactions through a variety of societal reasons. From the "bogeyman syndrome" to the increased litigious nature of the world to technological advances, many reasons are the cause (and blame) for what the author terms nature-deficit disorder. 

With lots of stories from everyday people and opinions from experts, there were multiple accounts of how people interact with nature. These stories flooded my mind  with childhood memories that I know students I work with just don't have the luxury of having through no real fault of their own. I hope my daughter will be able to have the personal interactions with nature that I feel are such an important and influential part of growing up.

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